The original Canadian 96th Highlanders band in 1916
         The original Canadian 96th Highlanders band in 1916

The 96th Highlanders Pipes and Drums originated in the early 1960’s and were known as the Saskatoon Boys Pipe and Drum Band. In the early 1980’s girls from the Bonnie Bluebells were admitted to the band and the name was changed to the Saskatoon Optimist Pipes and Drums. In 1989 the band changed to the 96th Highlanders Pipes & Drums.

The band takes its name from the 96th Canadian Infantry Battalion of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan that was formed in 1915. The battalion consisted of 768 soldiers known as the “Canadian Highlanders” who fought in World War I. Their pipe band consisted of twelve pipers and six drummers. The battalion formally presented their cap badge to the band in 1966.

Today the band is administered by an association made up of band members’ parents and operates under a constitution and by-laws.

96th-Colour Red-04 Crest