Join the Band

Join the band!


The band is always looking for new members and no experience is necessary!
2022-23 Registration Night will be held on Monday, September 11th at 7:00pm at Knox United Church (838 Spadina Cr E).
Our band season runs September through June each year, with some summer events as well.  While our season may already be underway, mid-season registrations are always welcome.  Please feel free to contact us for program or registration information.  The band rehearses Monday evenings at Knox United Church, 838 Spadina Crescent East, Saskatoon.

The Instruments


Bagpipes were played in their earliest form many thousands of years ago. Each beginner piper starts with the basics on the practice chanter, and then moves on to the Great Highland Bagpipes.  New students interested in learning to play the bagpipes will have to purchase a practice chanter. Practice chanters range in price from $60 plus taxes. Bagpipes may be rented from the band for the first year of playing.

15-2The snare drum is a high-pitched instrument that adds dynamics and feeling to the bagpipes. You will learn to use the bounce of the snare drum to make the sticks work for you.  New students interested in snare drumming will require a set of drumsticks and drum pad for practicing.  Drumsticks range in price from $20 plus taxes. A drum pad may range in price from $35 plus taxes.


The tenor drum is an instrument that has a different pitch for each drum. It adds colourful background and a visual show with flourishing batons that complement highland music.  New students interested in tenor drumming will require a set of tenor drum sticks for practicing. Tenor sticks range in price from $50 plus taxes.


The bass drum is a low-pitched drum that requires good timing and skill.